Hania Foudad

MS (Psy)

As a Licensed Psychologist, Haniais trained and experienced in supporting children and adolescents presenting a wide range of challenges including autism, attention deficit hyperactivity disorders, behavior problems, learning difficulties and intellectual disability. Hania earned her Bachelors and Master’s degree in Psychology from Algeria, she has been actively working with children and adolescents of determination over past 5 years in Algeria and Dubai. She has been recognized for presenting in the 6th International Conference of Mental Health and Psychology, June 2020; invited speaker for TV shows on Al Fujaira TV, Kalba Sharjah TV. 

As a compassionate professional with a vision to create meaningful changes in the lives of the individuals she serves, Haniaadds value to the team Milestones by bringing her expertise in conducting developmental assessments, IQ testing and intervention using a wide range of treatment modalities. 

Embrace the Different,Unveil their Potential